Absolute Fencing Gear — Fencing equipment store

Ask Fred — A clearinghouse for information on local tournaments.

Blue Gauntlet — Fencing equipment store

Book of Five Rings — Miyamoto Musashi's masterful book of swordfighting strategy, as valid now as it was useful to samurai 400 years ago.

Denver Fencing Center — Our local allies, hosts, friends. We'll visit them, they us!

Fencing.Net — An excellent source for equipment. They also run a forum for discussion of fencing issues.

Fencing Post — Our friend Juan Ignacio is connected with this excellent retailer in San Diego.

Need a blade? - This new retailer,, sells high quality FIE blades for a great price and free shipping.

Need to rewire your blade? — Here's a great tutorial to help you keep your electric weapons in shape.

Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer — The official Poet Laureate of Ouray Swordplay

United States Fencing Association — The national organization. Great source of information about the US team, national tournaments, and links to local fencing all over the country.