Courses run in spring and fall (see calendar here), and conclude with a tournament.

Courses will run given a minimum of eight enrolled fencers.

Introductory Fencing ($100): Swordplay! Learn the rudiments of foil footwork, bladework, and strategy, as well as the rules of the game. By week four, you will be able referee each other in bouts, and at the end of the session you will compete in a class tournament. USA Fencing "Non-competitive" membership, at a minimum, required ($10). Age 10 and up.  April 2024 at Montrose Rec Center! Enroll HERE.

Experienced Fencers ($80): Students build on what they have learned to become ever more skilled. Every class ends with free fencing, either in foil or epee. USA Fencing "Access" membership, at a minimum, required ($25). 

Also consider:Equipment: All equipment will be provided for beginning fencing courses; experienced fencers will want to buy their own, eventually. A basic set for fencing costs approximately $120, and includes foil, glove, jacket, plastron, and mask. Some might choose to add a chest protector for another $20.

Private Lessons: In the context of class, your coach will work with you individually. To improve quickly, however, you may choose to meet before or after class for a 20-minute intensive one-on-one session, building your individual techniques, style, and strengths. ($60/month).

Summer camps: Devote an intensive couple of days to improving your game! Options for all levels of experience and ability. Join us!

Enroll here

The Fencing Teacher Suggestsby Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer
You’re hesitating, says John from behind his mask.Each time I invite you to strike, you wait. And he’s right.Each time before I extend and lunge, I drop my sword.It’s crazy. I tell myself not to do it, but every timehe motions to strike, instinct says: drop the sword. John, I say, I’ve trained myself not to be aggressive.When people are vulnerable, I do everything I canto make them feel safe. It helps that Johnis gentle. It helps that he beams at me a genuine smile. Don’t think of it as aggression, he says. If someoneyou love gives you the signal to touch them,aren’t you always ready to meet them then?And I am. Think of it as an invitation to touch. I wonder how many stories I’ve hardwired into me.Thou shalt not hurt. Thou shalt not strike.Thou shalt not stab another with a sword.I wonder that I struggle so instinctively nowwhen this is so clearly a game. John drops his sword. I extend, I lunge.I touch his chest through his silver vestwith the tip of my sword, then retreat.Good, he says. Good. Again. Again. Is this the way we learn all the ruleswe have written for ourselves?By breaking them. Is this the waymight choose to meet our opponents?By loving them.