Wildlife Fencing

Veteran Foil National Champion Team 2019, 2018, and 2015; Silver in 2017 and 2016. Wildlife Fencing is composed of coaches from all over the country:

Juan Ignacio Calderon, 2015- 2016, coach and general manager at the San Diego Fencing Center, now head coach at UCSD, earned the degree of Fencing Prévôt in Foil and Epee, certified by the Spanish Master Academy. An international referee, he has extensive fencing experience in Spain, Germany and the US. An "A" rated foil fencer, he has earned numerous national gold medals, including his team championship with Wildlife Fencing.

Kristian Anderson 2015 - 2018, coaches at the Lincoln Fencing Club in Nebraska, and served as head coach from 2004 to 2008. An A rated foil fencer, a B in epee, and a C in saber, Kristian is also a rated director in all three weapons. Coach Kristian started fencing in 1992 when the University of Nebraska offered fencing as a club sport. He trained under Damon Scaggs, Kit Boesch, Janos Gasparin, Archil Lortkipanidze, and Rosa Vinas-Racionero. “I love to fence” has been Kristian’s motto from the day he began fencing. Kristian earned silver medals in both foil and sabre while representing the USA at the pre-Vet Pan American championships, has won gold in plenty of national, regional, and local tournaments, and anchored Wildlife Fencing to its national championship in 2015.

John Kissingford, head coach of Ouray Swordplay, has fenced since high school. He studied with Maitre Michel Sebastiani, a French Olympian and US Olympic coach, for four years at Princeton University, where he was varsity team captain. He has coached at Harvard University, Choate Rosemary Hall, Mesa State College, Denver Fencing Center, and various other clubs. An "A" rated foil fencer, John has won gold in US national tournaments in Veteran, Vet-40, and Vet Team events. His team, "Wildlife Fencing," was the 2019, 2018, and 2015 national veteran foil champion and 2017 and 2016 runner-up. John has represented USA in international competition, placing 14th at the 2017 Veteran World Fencing Championships in Maribor, Slovenia, and helping the US vet foil team to a 4th place finish. He fences a little epee as well. In his spare time, he teaches English at Ouray High School.

Peter Habala,(2016-19) ,a graduate of National Academy of Physical Training and Sports in Romania, has over 35 years of competitive fencing experience. He is a 5-time national champion, representing Team Romania from 1989-1999. The Habala family legacy includes his mother, a 2-time national champion, and his father, Dr. Peter Pal Habala, who coached the Romanian National Team. Peter is the Head Coach and co-founder of RedStar Fencing Club Chicago, where he develops competitive and recreational fencers. He continues to compete both locally and nationally at the Division 1 and Veteran levels. In addition to English, Coach Habala speaks Hungarian and Romanian.

Marek Wyszynsk, 2018, is a national fencing champion of Poland and a fencing master. Now based in New York, he fences nationally and internationally. He anchored Wildlife Fencing to its 2018 national championship. He and John represented the United States at the veteran world championships in Livorno Italy, 2018, and he returns to the Vet Worlds in Cairo 2019.


AND... Matt Cameron (Culver Academy) and Kwangsuk Chung (Tacoma Fencing Center) 2019.