Spectacular Fencing

July 24-26, 2020

No charge. Just come and play!

Please preregister HERE at AskFred.


You'll find lots of options for lodging and activities here at this site.

Ouray is a beautiful little Victorian town lost in the San Juan Mountains, population around 800, elevation 7700 feet, surrounded by cliffs and mountains. It is simply breathtaking. From town, there are endless trails to explore. There are also good restaurants, a lovely hot springs pool, and lots of activities to keep your family, if you choose to bring them, happy while you fence.

If you're flying, you'll probably want to fly to MTJ (Montrose/Telluride Regional Airport), 35 miles north of Ouray.

Arrive Friday afternoon (or come sooner!)

Easy transportation to Ouray: rent a car, talk with Telluride Express, or one of us will come get you.

American offers flights through Dallas and Phoenix, and United offers flights through Denver and Chicago.

Depart MTJ Monday morning (or extend your vacation!)

Alternatively, fly to DEN (Denver International), 325 miles northeast of Ouray.

Arrive Thursday, in time to fence that evening at Denver Fencing Center... great group of foilists, including Nathan Anderson, Tom Lutton, and Henri Darricau.

Then drive (we'll arrange carpools) 5 1/2 hours on Friday to Ouray.

Depart DEN late Monday or anytime Tuesday.



5:30 pm--Dinner at John's house, those who are in town. 436 8th Ave.


9-11:30 am--fencing at Ouray School gym (400 7th Ave)

break for lunch

1:30-4:30 pm--fencing

Soak at Ouray Hot Springs

Dinner at Ouray Brewery on Main Street.


8 am--Individual Tournament (medals for top 4)

1 pm--Team Tournament

(results of individual event will determine evenly seeded squads for team event)

Perimeter trail hike?

Dinner at another great local place

Spectacular 2018: Peter and JG Habala, Greg Domashovetz, David Westphal, Juan Ignacio Calderon, David Johanson, Henri Darricau, John Kissingford, Thomas Mahnken, William Pegues

In 2019, Spectacular Fencing welcomed

longtime Romanian National Team coach Peter "Pal" Habala, his wife Maria (twice Romanian national champion); as well as their son (current #1 in USA Vet foil) Peter, of Redstar Fencing in Chicago;

AND ALSO... Olympian Henri Darricau, Vet World team member John Kissingford, International ref Greg Domashovetz,Thomas Mahnken, William Pegues, Gary Zeiss, Tony Gross

2020 Spectacular Fencing looks forward to welcoming.... YOU.

It'll be different, Covid-informed, masks under our masks. But we'll fence!

Spectacular fencers: Kristian Anderson (NE), Nathan Anderson (CO), Donald Cravey (CO), Henri Darricau (CO), Andrew DePaul (IL), Tony Gross (CO), John Kissingford (CO), Johannes Klein (WA), Patricia and Tom Lutton (CO)

message to participants 6/27:

Hello friends,

It's a strange time in the history of the world - and of fencing, of course - so here, a month out, I thought I should take a moment to open the covid conversation.

I had a participant write me today suggesting we all get tested before traveling, which I think is an excellent idea, if it's feasible. It may not be possible for those of us who live in rural areas, or where testing is limited to the symptomatic, but for those of us who are able to, it would be a service to all to get a test if possible. The swab test for active infection, of course, not the antibody test.

And we'll take all reasonable precautions while we're here, wearing face masks at all time while inside (including under our fencing masks), touching reel sockets with gloved hands only, washing and sanitizing like mad people, and paying special attention to physical distance (a honed skill, for us).

The facility is large enough that our four strips will be plenty spread out, and there will be lots of ventilation. I am reasonably certain we'll be in the school gym, but even if we end up in the auditorium, it'll be lots of room for the 10 of us.

And we'll drink our beers outside, for sure.

I invite you to suggest other ways we can make this as safe as possible. Don't hesitate to contact me. I'm so looking forward, as I'm sure you are, to fencing, and to getting this group of excellent folks together.