Summer Camps

Exciting camps this summer.... See the coaches' biographies here...

High Altitude Nationals Training Camp: (POSTPONED to 2024). Camp schedule here! For teens and adults. Join DFC fencers as they prepare their conditioning, tactics, and technique for National Championship tournament. Intense competition, not much oxygen. Trail runs, hot springs, camaraderie, and beauty. Lodging available. Local fencers welcome: improve your skills alongside some of the best fencers in Colorado. Build the explosiveness of your attacks with sprints on steeps, improve your endurance with hikes and runs on spectacular mountain trails. In collaboration with Denver Fencing Center. 3 weapon camp, with appropriate instruction for all levels, taught by coaches Nathan Anderson and John Kissingford. Register at Denver Fencing Center's site.

July Swordplay (Postponed to 2024): Sharpen your skills with Henri Darricau, a French olympian and fencing master, dates and times to be determined. Conditioning and games, footwork and bladework, tactics, strategy, private lessons and bouting. Appropriate instruction for all levels. Dates TBD.

Spectacular Fencing: July 14-16, 2023. Join Ouray Swordplay for a weekend in "The Switzerland of America." John Kissingford, Nathan Anderson, and fencing masters Henri Darricau and Peter Habala will host you for a weekend with other high level veteran foil fencers. Hot springs, microbrews, unbelievable mountain scenery, and excellent fencing. What more could you want from a weekend? Check here for updates.


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